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Beeswax Uses

  • As an ingredient in making soaps, body lotions, lip balms and other cosmetics
  • To line baking pans to prevent certain pastries from sticking and to create a crispy crust
  • To create textile designs in the art of Batiking
  • As an ingredient for making natural tree grafting wax
  • To rub on garden tools to prevent rusting
  • To wax thread for sewing, beading and leather-work
  • As an important component in the beautiful Ukrainian art of decorating eggs
  • To coat nails and screws to prevent the wood from splitting
  • As a lubricant on drawers, hinges and oven racks
  • Sealing the end grain of cut wood to prevent cracking or checking
  • To make children’s toys and crayons
  • As part of a blend with other oils for furniture polish
  • As weather and water proofing on hats, jackets and boots
  • To polish shoes
  • As an ingredient in mustache and dread-lock wax
  • To lubricate reeds and couplings of wind instruments
  • To make your own fabric food wrap