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Social and Environmental Initiatives

In our beautiful corner of British Columbia Canada, we are surrounded by soaring mountain peaks, a crystal clear lake, diverse wildlife and a multitude of wildflowers, trees and foliage. Living in this area makes it easy for us to stay close to nature and focus on being environmentally friendly. Customers can rest assured we encourage sustainable business and manufacturing practices when making 100% Pure Beeswax Honey Candles® Every day we choose sustainable alternatives to help support a clean and healthy lifestlye at home and work.

Here's a snap-shot of what we do:

  • Reuse boxes wherever possible. Use boxes made with recycled fibre. Ship on reused pallets we reclaim ourselves.    
  • Select wooden displays for our candles that are made by a local craftsman.  
  • Choose local suppliers for everything from displays to advertising.
  • Did you know our shop is designed to maximize the use of snowfall during the winter for insulation. Every 10 inches of snow is equal to 1 inch of insulation. Some winters we have 10 feet of snow stacked on the side. We use an energy efficient heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system to reduce heat loss.
  • Print on both sides of the page (or communicate paperlessly via the net).
  • Turn lights and computers off when not in use. Print on post-consumer recycled paper.
  • Print our catalog on recycled paper.

Honey Candles® staff are also committed to sustainable practices, they:

  • Carpool to work
  • Grow vegetable gardens
  • Collect and irrigate with rainwater
  • Compost kitchen scraps
  • Buy food in bulk and generally avoid over-packaging and single use or disposable products
  • Use cloth shopping bags
  • Walk or bike instead of driving when possible
  • Choose low-flow toilets and energy efficient appliances
  • Launder with cold water
  • Enjoy quiet evenings by candlelight

Programs and Charities We Support: