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Save the Bees with the Peek-a-Bee Pillar

Thursday, May 10, 2018 | By Nicola Hum
decorative pillar candleHoney Candles® is currently celebrating Bee Month, a time dedicated to honoring bees, and promoting the protection of their declining population. Naturally, bees are especially dear to us at Honey Candles and they are also very important to our ecosystems, agriculture, and much more. Often, it is easy to miss the vital role that bees and other pollinators play in our environment, so for the rest of the month our blogs will feature a variety of information on bees and tips for how to help!

In an effort to support these important pollinators Honey Candles donates $2 from every Peek-a-Bee pillar to valuable research being done to save the bees at the University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Center. While Bee Month lasts for all of May, the Peek-a-Bee pillar is a year-round way to help the bees. The Peek-a-Bee campaign has been an important part of our commitment to honey bees for many years and we are so grateful for the support our customers have shown to make this campaign such a success. 

Every Honey Candle is completely natural, clean burning and safe for your family. The Honey Candles pure beeswax Peek-a-Bee is no exception, but it is exceptional. When you purchase this decorative pure beeswax candle you know that it is safe for your home and supports the bees that work so hard to make it!

Photo by Nicola Hum
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