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Tips for Burning Floating Lotus Blossom Candles

Thursday, February 15, 2018 | By Nicola Hum
floating beeswax candles

In the spirit of last week’s announcement of Honey Candles® Floating Lotus Blossom Candles, this week’s blog will provide tips and best practices for burning theses handmade pure beeswax floating candles. 

The Floating Lotus Blossoms are a unique candle, in that they can be burned in water or on a plate as an ornamental candle. When burning as an ornamental, floating beeswax candlesensure that the Floating Lotus Blossoms are on a heat resistant plate. Burning in this manner will give the candle a 4-5 hour burn time. When burning in water the Floating Lotus Blossoms have a 2-3 hour burn time. 

The temperature of the water can slightly affect the burning of Floating Lotus Blossoms. If the water is too cold the wax will not melt as efficiently and more wax will be left floating beeswax candlesunburned. Contrastingly, if the water is warm the wax will be warmer, and the candle will burn more thoroughly, giving you a longer burn time. 

To avoid drowning your candle, never transport your floating candle while it is burning. If, however your Floating Lotus Blossom does end up under water, do not fear! Carefully remove the candle from the water. floating beeswax candlesPour off any excess water and let it dry fully. If there is water trapped underneath the cooled wax, simply poke a small hole through the wax. Next, pour out any trapped water and allow the candle further time to dry fully. Once your candle is dry it is ready and safe to continue burning. 

If you would like to try these beautiful pure beeswax Honey Candles® head to our Candle Shop. You will find 3 beautiful variety packs to choose from. Enjoy! Honey Candles® Floating Lotus Blossom Candles are hand poured in Canada made of pure Canadian beeswax.

Photos by Nicola Hum
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