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Christmas Candlescapes

The intricate design of this natural beeswax tree is beautiful set amongst the golds and browns.Pure beeswax candles have a warm amber glow that you won't find with candles made from other waxes.  It adds a bit of sunshine to your home.Choose from your own collection of decorations and arrange it under the glass. Just add a natural beeswax tealight and you have a unique display.Good beeswax candles can be mixed and matched.
Even a simply display makes a good display.Honey Candles are naturally scented and won't interfere with the aroma or your special holiday meals.This natural beeswax Pillar in Christmas Red is stunning with the evergreen andChristmas balls.  Yes, you are supposed to remove all paper labels before burning!!Pat was delighted to use her special heirloom silver tray for this well designed setting. Do you have a special plate or platter you would like to use as a base to design your own centerpeice?
Just one beeswax tealight glows around this cherub and even sheds natural light on the poinsettia and the wall.A mix of natural berries and evergreen boughs along with the balls, beads and a Burgundy Beeswax Pillar  makes a delightful display.This natural beeswax pinecone is designed by nature. Even the wax is direct from the honeybees. We use a natural filtering process that doesn't alter the wax. It is not processed as other waxes are.Your choice of accessories will add a personal touch to your natural beeswax tapered candles..
I love this long tailed white bird nestled in the cones and berries. It is fun to have your own handmade centerpieces with a long burning pillar on your table.The ancient Egyptians first invented candles about 5,000 years ago, using beeswax as the candle material. I am sure that's what the tapered candles on these antique bells are.Nature makes the prettiest settings. The red berries of conteaster dusted with fresh snow show off these long burning round and square pillars.Just as poinsettias mean Christmas, so do eco-friendly beeswax tapers. The amber glow of even one Honey Candle warms the room.
A personal favorite of Leah's. Red and white on cedar and hemlock booughs makes this a natural product of Canada.Pure comfort on a frosty winter evening.A mix of natural berries and bows along with the balls, beads and Burgundy Beeswax Pillar  makes a delightful display.A real hit, the best natural beeswax Pillars from Honey Candles work well in many arrangements.
Elyse has a good eye for pleasing design with the glow from the natural beeswax tree sparkling off Frosty.Pure beeswax candles have a big bright flame that you won't find with candles made from other waxes.  It adds a bit of sunshine to your home.We sell box after box of the best beeswax pillars because they are handmade with the utmost care and commitment to quality. You can use them in so many ways and at any time of the year.You will never be satisfied with any other pillars and the easy combinations that are fun to make.

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