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Life Candle Program

Since May 2008 we have sent over 1200 Life Candles to families across the world.Through the Life Candle Program, we re-melt the leftover beeswax and pour it into small reused tins (tuna cans, soup cans, bean cans) collected by staff and management.

Students from JV Humphries School were excited to pour candles that would help out kids in other countries.While some students poured Life Candles, others sorted extra school supplies to send along as well.Such concentration to do such a good job!!! I think he learned from his Grandmother Elaine who makes beeswax Tapers for Honey Candles.Big tins and smaller heart tins were all filled with a touch of love and social awareness.
Its all about teamwork.Everyone helped to send another load of precious beeswax Life Candles to countries in need through The Canadian Food for Children.Honey Candles is proud of their Social Initiative - the Life Candle Program– We re-melt remnant beeswax into recyclable tins and send the candles to families in need around the world.I am so impressed with these boys!!! They did such a great job. Future employees maybe?
Over 2,000 candles have been donated to provided light, heat and comfort to needy families around the world!

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