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100% Pure Beeswax - Gift Packs

  • Beeswax - Votive 3 Pack Burg, Nat, Green

    Beeswax - Votive 3 Pack Burg, Nat, Green beeswax candle image
    Beeswax - Votive 3 Pack Burg, Nat, GreenBeeswax - Votive 3 Pack Burg, Nat, GreenBeeswax - Votive 3 Pack Burg, Nat, Green
    Honey Candles strives to exceed your expectations! If you are not happy with our product, return it for a full refund. Give this product a try. We're sure you will love it!


    What customers say...

    The candles arrived in good time and great shape. they are beautiful. I've always wanted to have more beeswax candles for my prayer corner and figured buying in bulk would be the best deal.
    Paul from Toronto ON
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    Candle size: 2" h x 1 1/2" d

    Burn Time: 15-16 Hours per candle 

    A wonderful package of 3 Honey Candles® 100% Pure Beeswax Votive candles. With a combined burn time of over 48 hours, you'll love the soothing, warm glow of these unique votives. This package makes for a fantastic gift!

    Handmade in Canada, Honey Candles® use only natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients, 100% pure Canadian beeswax and cotton wicks. No solvents, lead, zinc, or other toxins commonly found in other candles not made of bees wax. Good for the world, and good for your health. Better yet, beeswax candles produce a natural glow that is closest to sunlight.

    This special package contains 1 Burgundy, 1 Forest Green and 1 Natural 100% pure beeswax votive candles in a recyclable kraft box.

    Tip: Beeswax votives are unique in that they are designed to fully liquefy as they burn. That means they need to be lit in a cup. Try one of our clear glass votive cups - you'll be pleasantly surprised at the ambient glow that it creates!

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    Product # CB902

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