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100% Pure Beeswax - Candlesticks

  • Beeswax - 12 Inch Taper - Case of 24

    Beeswax - 12 Inch Taper - Case of 24 beeswax candle image
    Beeswax - 12 Inch Taper - Case of 24Beeswax - 12 Inch Taper - Case of 24Beeswax - 12 Inch Taper - Case of 24
    Honey Candles strives to exceed your expectations! If you are not happy with our product, return it for a full refund. Give this product a try. We're sure you will love it!


    What customers say...

    The package just arrived. I really like the candles; they smell wonderful! The glass cups are perfect too, very clean and versatile. Thanks for offering them on your website.

    I found your website by searching online. The company from who I purchase candles in the past has gone out of business and I was looking for another supplier. I was looking for several criteria, all of which your company met well: a fragrant amber candle (based on reviews and website images), the ability to order in bulk, the ability to order tealight refills to eliminate waste, a reasonable, cost, uniformity in the product, and an earthy-friendly business. I was also please to learn that your company has longevity and values its employees.

    Clary from Lewisburg PA
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    Your Price: $135.86 CAD
    Candle size: 12" h x 7/8" d    

    Burn Time: 12-13 Hours

    Simple and pure, Honey Candles® 100% Natural beeswax taper candle is a staple of the dinner table and a wonderful addition to any romantic occasion. Long-lasting, with a warm amber glow and a soft honey aroma.

    Like all of our 100% pure beeswax candles, the Honey Candles® 12 inch Natural taper candlestick is eco-friendly and good for your health, with absolutely no carcinogens or hazardous ingredients, wicks made with cotton, and all natural ingredients.  You'll love the difference of your Natural Honey Candles® tapers.

    Tip: Make sure your beeswax taper is snug and secure in a proper candle holder. If you find the wick to be too long, trim it no shorter than half an inch - anything more may cause dripping! Click here for more tips on how to properly burn your beeswax candle.

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    Product # C0004C

    User Reviews

    Rated by Catherine
    13-Nov-2015 12:11 PM
    The products came quickly and were packaged with care. They burn beautifully and the scent is magical; I'm impressed. Thank you for providing such a healthy candle alternative!
    Rated by Margaret Long
    12-Sep-2016 03:53 PM
    I have been uses beeswax candles for years and these are up there with the best. "Honey Candles" is professional and takes such great care. Thank you for being here, the planet thanks you too.
    Rated by Laury Sousa
    19-Dec-2017 04:41 PM
    I purchased these candles for the Christmas season to use with my Advent Wreath, well I was certainly not disappointed beautiful candles, excellent service. Thank you
    Rated by Bridget Robinson
    28-Jan-2018 08:03 AM
    Beautiful, long lasting candles.
    Excellent professional service and fast delivery.
    I love these candles. Thank you.

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