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Experience the joy of 100% Pure Beeswax Candles

Honey Candles are unlike other candles. They create beautiful ambiance with their warm glow, soft honey scent that does not release toxins.

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Wholesale Program

If you would like to purchase in bulk and offer pure natural beeswax candles to your customers then you should join our lucrative wholesale beeswax candles program.

The Best of Nature

Honey Candles is located on the Canadian pristine shores of Kootenay Lake and framed by the stunning Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges. This natural surrounding makes it an ideal place for creating pure beeswax candles.

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Reasons you will love

Honey Candles

For over 15 years we have focused on creating bee-friendly, green, healthy and natural beeswax candles. Thousands of people enjoy our candles every day. Discover why you'll love Honey Candles too.